What is Youth Focus?

Youth Focus provides young people in the community with an opportunity to get involved in various programs and speaking events.

Youth Speakers:

In a tradition started in 1990 as part of our 90th anniversary celebration, we reserve 7 to 10 minutes on our agenda most months, to provide an opportunity for a young person to speak to our audience.

We encourage a variety of speakers, both male and female. Youth who have an exciting or inspirational personal story to tell, are invited to present to our members—over 700 currently—at Centennial Hall. Like our members, these young people are from the greater London area (including, for example, St. Thomas, Dutton, Strathroy). They vary in age from 5th graders to university students, who inspire us to realize that Canada has a bright future with this upcoming generation. We welcome recommendations from our members as to possible speakers.

Recent speakers include youth who:

  • completed a cross-Canada tour on the Peacebus, sponsored by Children’s International Summer Villages,

  • sang with the Amabile Choir for 5 years, highlighted by a gold medal performance in a choral competition in Greece,

  • travelled to Thailand to be a television reporter at the King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament,

  • swam courageously across Lake Ontario, raising funds to send a young boy with cancer, to Disney World, and

  • attended an international school, with classes held in several major cities throughout the world.

Contact us below if you have an inquiry or would like to provide feedback on a youth speaker:

contact us

Hannah Buckrell
College Avenue S.S. Woodstock

Hunter Haight
Blyth Academy London

Jacqueline Fisher
Ingersoll District C.I. Ingersoll

Jasmine McRorie
Saunders S.S. London

Emerging Leaders Awards – 2020

Women’s Canadian Club, London has established the Emerging Leaders Awards to encourage leadership skills in grades 10-11 students. Applications are available through the student services department at the local secondary schools, beginning in February each year.

From the applicants at each school, the awards committee will choose one student as the most worthy at his and her school. Based on enrollment, there are three awards of $250 for students in the Thames Valley District School Board and one award of $250 for the students in the London District Catholic School Board or the French schools. Consult with the student services department for the deadline at each school.

Kiwanis Music Festival Scholarship

In memory of Kathryn Sells, a long-time pianist at our monthly meetings, we provide an annual award of $500, to the top pianist at the Kiwanis Music Festival. In November, the winners are invited to tell us about their own musical experience and about their favourite composer. We especially look forward to hearing them play a piece for us.

Recent winners include:

  • Alexa Vremar
  • Lili Ahopelto
  • Joanna Gorska

By entering several senior piano classes in the London Kiwanis Music Festival, candidates are eligible for consideration for all music festival piano awards and scholarships, as recommended by the festival adjudicators. Awards are presented to competitors who, in the opinion of the adjudicators, show the most potential for future musical development. Awards are not necessarily awarded to class winners.