Women's Canadian Club – London, Canada


Come join in on the FUN !! The Women’s Canadian Club, London, Canada will plan a variety of bus trips for you to take advantage of several times throughout the year. The number of trips and the types of trips will vary. For details of the trips currently planned check out the trip options below. We have outsourced the trips to Take A Break Travel Inc.

No trips will be scheduled until Spring of 2019.

Click here for upcoming Trips and Itinerary

For booking, please contact Take A Break Travel Inc., state which trip you are booking and that you are a Women’s Canadian Club member or guest, then follow their instructions.

It is important that you book with Take A Break Travel Inc. before the date indicated.

Take A Break Travel Inc.
93 Wharncliffe Road North
London, ON N6H 2A7
Phone: 519-858-9985
Toll-Free: (888) 552-7444

Terms and Conditions:

Please make all cheques payable to Take a Break Travel Inc.

Sorry, no credit cards.

If you cancel more than two weeks in advance due to medical reasons a refund will be issued (doctor’s note may be required) but office must be notified. If you have a cancellation less than two weeks prior to departure you can find a substitution or call our office for a possible replacement.

Please note that under the two week no refund deadline we are not responsible for finding a replacement and once your payment has been received by our office you have agreed with these terms and conditions. Registered under the Travel Industry Act, Ontario Registration #04485090.