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Topic: “Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Times”

The road to uncovering the life and death of an uncle she never knew, killed when his ship was torpedoed off the coast of France in 1944, led Sherry to write her first non-fiction book, “All the Ship’s Men: HMCS Athabaskan’s Untold Stories”. After interviewing veterans and their families, she compiled personal stories of the sailors at the centre of Canada’s largest naval disaster in WW11. As she began interviewing Canadian women, the extent and diversity of women’s skills and contributions during wartime became apparent, leading to over sixty individual stories. Currently she awaits publication of her first historical novel, “The Whistle”, and a documentary based on “Extraordinary Women”. Sherry is also an artist, whose paintings grace the covers of her first book and museums and private collections. Sherry will hold a book signing following her presentation.

Location: Centennial Hall, 550 Wellington St., London ON